Taking your dogs on a stroll is an important part of keeping them healthy. If your puppies don’t like being on a leash, Atlanta dog walkers have you covered! Let our experts do the walking for you some time. You will see an improvement after a while and the best part is you won’t need to […]

Going out of town can be stressful, especially when you know you have to start looking for Atlanta dog sitters. After all, your dog is a member of the family. You want to make sure that your pet will receive the best care while you’re away. However, not all dog sitters will treat your pet […]

Why You Need Buckhead Paw’s Pet Taxi Services When YOU have a doctor’s appointment, it’s easy to get time off from your employer. However, what do you do when your pet has a doctor’s appointment? Not so easy to get the time off, now is it? Luckily, in cases like this, a Pet Taxi Service […]

Buckhead Pet Sitting: Keeping Your Pet AND Home Safe Can we ask you a question – WHEN was the last time you went on vacation? Don’t feel like answering that? Then how about this one: WHY haven’t you been on a vacation in a while? Was it because ● You just couldn’t get the time […]

Dog Walker Atlanta: Top 10 Dog Parks in Metro Atlanta Looking for Atlanta’s best dog park? Well you’ve got a lot of options.  As professional dog walkers in Atlanta, we might have more experience with pet playgrounds than anyone! If you’re interested in our well-informed opinion, we offer a list of the top 10 dog […]

Top 5 Pet Safety Tips for Winter At Buckhead Paws, we have a relationship with the pets of Atlanta that few do. And there’s a lot of talk about a cold, wet winter in Georgia.  So we thought it only appropriate to bring you our top 5 pet safety tips for the year’s toughest season. […]

18 Crucial Questions You Should Ask Your Professional Dog Walker If you’re in the market for a professional dog walker, there are a variety of questions you need to ask. Some things you need to know to be sure that the dog walking company you’re interested in runs a legitimate business, while other inquiries are […]

Few would deny that dogs are indeed man’s best friend. They provide us with hours of entertainment, endless love, loyalty, and, when push comes to shove, even a shoulder to cry on. Besides that, few things give us more joy than coming home to an excited and jumping ball of fur after a long day. […]

Average Pet Care Rates For most people, pets are more than just animals – they’re a part of the family. You aim to keep your pet happy and healthy, just as you would your children. Also, just like children there is a financial impact to having pets. The cost of employing a pet care specialist […]

Buckhead Paws: Atlanta-Based Pet Sitter Extraordinaire In business since 2007, this Atlanta-based pet sitting company is solid, established, and takes very seriously every pet under their care. Among the many pet sitting services in the area, Buckhead Paws stands out. Finding a pet sitting company can be stressful, and it’s not any easier when there […]