Average Pet Care Rates

For most people, pets are more than just animals – they’re a part of the family. You aim to keep your pet happy and healthy, just as you would your children. Also, just like children there is a financial impact to having pets. The cost of employing a pet care specialist or pet sitter varies based on your location, pet, and number of pets to be cared for simultaneously. However, here is an idea of how this usually breaks down:


A kennel or veterinary office generally charges $20-$25 per day per pet. In addition, anything you do not provide, such as food or treats, can increase your bill. Pet hotels are at the higher end of the spectrum, with rates varying widely, anywhere from $35 – $90 per day. This can get expensive quickly.

No wonder more pet owners are moving to in-home pet care services. A pet sitting business such as Buckhead Paws in Atlanta will personally care for your pet in its own environment for $20 per visit, three or four times per day, and only $3 for an additional dog or $2 for an additional cat.

For $75 Buckhead Paws offers a 12-hour, in-your-home, overnight pet sit, and only an additional $5 for an extra pup. If you own multiple pets, you can really start to see the savings here.

Even better: when your pet is boarded at a kennel, vet office, or pet hotel, your pet may spend most of the day in a crate. This can be relatively manageable for animals that are accustomed to crating, but rather unsettling and frustrating for ones that are not. This new environment raises their stress level, and because of the number of animals, raises the possibility of your pet becoming ill.


You will probably agree these situations may not be not ideal, and not what you want for a part of your family. You wouldn’t send your children just anywhere, so why your pets? Personal pet sitters are able to give your pet the attention it needs and deserves. For your pet it will almost be like you are still at home, even when you are not able to be there. Your pet sitter will take care of everything you would normally do for your pet.

Check out this testimonial from Buckhead Paws’ client, Frank G. He wrote, “I can’t say enough about Buckhead Paws! Mark and his team are unbelievable! They are reliable, friendly, and beat their competition, hands down. They have a genuine interest in their clients (both human and canine), and are always ready to help. These guys are the real deal. I feel fortunate to have found them. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY WITH ANY OTHERS!”

If you would not settle for your children, don’t settle for your pet. Don’t waste your money trying every service in town, when you can go straight to Buckhead Paws!