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Buckhead Paws Office Manager Robin Hancock Makes USA TODAY!

Recently, USA Today published this article about the stresses of air travel in the time of COVID. Featured is our own Robin Hancock and her volunteer ministry at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, where she leads guided meditations in the Interfaith Chapel. Robin is an Atlanta native currently living in Decatur, Georgia.

Helping people cope with fear, stress, and anxiety is something Robin has been doing for years. As a Certified Forest Therapy guide with Renewal by Nature, she leads small groups of people on a sensory experience into the woods, helping them to pause, be present, unwind, and feel safe.

When you call us for dog walking or petting sitting information, Robin’s warm, confident voice will greet you on weekday mornings. In the nearly three years she’s been with us, our intrepid Office Manager has grown to be the glue that holds all the moving parts of Buckhead Paws together. She brings a calm, quiet poise that clients and team members alike find reassuring. Oh, and if a family’s regular Buckhead Paws team member happens to be unavailable, Robin shows her love of animals when she steps in to walk a dog or sit for a pet.

We need more Robins in the world!

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