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Meet the Buckhead Paws Team

Buckhead Paws in Piedmont Park

The FACES of Buckhead Paws:
Our Core Values

Our trusted Atlanta employees (not contractors) over-deliver to ensure your peace of mind in Midtown, Intown, Brookhaven, Buckhead, Decatur, Chamblee, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Smyrna, and Vinings.


Pet families have relied on us since 2007. Learn more about our owner, Mark Shaver, and meet some of our wonderful teammates below!

We are Atlanta’s trusted dog walkers and pet sitters. Our teammates prove why.

Charles, General Manager

Curious, Clever, Enthusiastic,  Energetic

A native of Augusta, GA, Charles came to Atlanta in 2003 to accept a promotion with Restoration Hardware. As District Manager, he oversaw their business in five states, managing nearly 200 people. He also has leadership experience with other luxury and home furnishings retailers.



Spontaneous, Reliable, Comical, Kind, High Energy

The youngest of seven children, Laura grew up in Buckhead and now lives in Smyrna. She’s very close to her large family, so they get together almost every week. They always had pets: a black lab and a black cat were her favorites, but they also had big dogs, elder dogs, and puppies. Her favorite breed is a beagle.



Funny, Adaptive, Observant

Born in Colombia (the country, not SC!), Daniel’s family moved to South Florida as a child; work and school then brought him to Atlanta. He has worked in retail and medical care and has now settled into a calling in radiology.



Creative, Honest, Zen

Summer joined Buckhead Paws in 2022, and juggles being a full-time student with working as a full-time team member. Born and bred in Decatur, she now hangs her leash in Brookhaven. When she’s not hitting the books or caring for clients, you’ll find her with her own rescue, a boxer named Petunia. 



Adventurous, Considerate, Curious, Trustworthy

Andrew was born in the great state of Ohio – Cincinnati, specifically. Like all our folks, Andrew grew up in a home full of pets: dogs, hamsters, and guinea pigs. He moved to the ATL in 2015.

Ron pic


Intelligent, Clever, Reliable, Creative

Prior to joining Buckhead Paws in 2022, Ron served our country for eight years in the U.S. Marine Corps (Thank you, Ron!). Following his service, he and his wife moved here so he could pursue his goal of becoming a software developer.



Kind, Hard-working, Supportive

Meet Melissa, one of our “full-time, part-time” team members. That is, she has a full-time position as Worker’s Compensation claims adjustor for a large organization – but she also has several ongoing Buckhead Paws clients. And she’s been balancing these roles since joining us in 2022.



Maddi, Office Manager

Thoughtful, Sensitive, Intuitive, Really Smart

Maddi really is the glue that holds it all together. If you’ve interacted with her, you know she’s expert at juggling lots of balls at once.

A true Atlanta native, Maddi grew up not far from the Tara Theater. She joined Buckhead Paws as a dog walker in 2022, and a few months later, became our Office Manager. In early 2023, life changes took her to Reading, PA, so she now works her magic from her home there.



Dedicated, Determined, Generous (and in her words, just a little nuts)

Although born in Rhode Island, Barbara has been here long enough to be considered a native. She spent many years managing a large multi-family real estate firm, and once commented that that career prepared her to be a professional pet sitter, because handling that office was like herding cats!



Approachable, Trustworthy, Diligent, Funny

Eileen loves Bocce Ball, playing trumpet in the Atlanta Freedom Band, and camping and hiking. She’s also a pet mom to kitties Bonnie and Clyde. A native of Michigan, Eileen came here in 2017 to be closer to her parents and other family. She had been the practice manager for a chiropractic firm in Chicago, and she continued handling their billing after moving here.



Loyal, Dedicated, Funny

Living in Roswell, Robin wouldn’t seem to be a likely candidate for Buckhead Paws: However, she commutes into town every day for her full-time position as Office Manager for a private pre-school program. In addition, she volunteers at a local animal rescue, goes to yoga and meditation classes, loves movies, reading, cooking, and dining out with friends. On top of all this, she has just published a children’s book, “Sheldon’s Hurrication” (available at Barnes & Noble). 



Generous, Creative, Diligent, Funny

Bekah grew up in the Lone Star State – Texas – but moved here with her family a few years ago. Although she didn’t have any pets in her own home growing up, her friends and other family members did, so she was around all kinds of critters.


Lauren M.

Outspoken, Kind, Empathetic, Funny, Charismatic

It is no understatement to say that animals are Lauren’s life. She grew up with them in Alpharetta, has raised them, nurtured them, groomed them, healed them, and loved them since she was young. When Lauren isn’t taking care of Buckhead Paws’ clients,
you’ll find her taking care of her sweet pit, Mama (Meet Mama in Lauren’s video!)


Mary Jean (MJ)

Outspoken, Kind, Empathetic, Funny, Charismatic

Born in Jacksonville, FL, MJ loves all things ocean- and water-related. She grew up with dogs, all of whom were very ball-obsessed and, strangely for Florida dogs, afraid of the water! Her
childhood pup Jackie lived to be 16 and loved McDonald’s cheeseburgers. The current canine love of her life is Charlie (meet him in the video!), a sweet lab who frequently shows up on our social media.