Another Reason Why Atlanta Pet Sitting Clients Should Use a Professional Pet Sitting Service

Another Reason Why Atlanta Pet Sitting Clients Should Use a Professional Pet Sitting Service

If you’re considering using a dog walker or pet sitter in the Buckhead, Brookhaven, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Decatur, or Midtown areas of Atlanta, be kind to yourself and be sure to hire a professional pet sitting service that is both bonded and insured. Here’s a real-life example that demonstrates why this is so important.

One of our more experienced employees was visiting Boomer, a beautiful liver-and-white English Setter mix; he’s fun, lively, full of energy. Our usual routine isMeet the Breed: The English Setter | BaxterBoo to walk around the block, then play in the large backyard, so Boomer can practice his tennis ball-chasing skills. Toshia and Boomer were playing with the tennis ball, when it bounced into a large patch of ivy. Boomer ran into the ivy, found the tennis ball . . .   and gave out a yelp. He came limping out of the ivy patch (tennis ball in mouth!).

Our team member was trained as a Veterinary Technician, so she carefully examined his paw and lower leg, but couldn’t find anything, so she put him back in his crate, thinking it might have been a bruise. She went to her next client, but when she finished, she went back to check on Boomer. And when she did, she found his lower front leg very swollen and very tender. That’s when she called the office. We immediately called the client and got his OK to take Boomer to the vet, where a quick check found TWO sets of snakebites. Yep, Boomer had been bitten twice by a copperhead. He spent four days at the vet, and responded beautifully to treatment, no worse the wear for his adventure.

But here’s the rest of the story. In addition to calling the client and taking Boomer to the vet, we also called our insurance company and explained what had happened. And our insurance company covered the entire $1,100 vet bill. Remember, this happened at the client’s home, on their property; on another day, it might have happened when the client was playing with Boomer. But it happened on our watch, not the client’s. So our liability insurance covered the bill, without blinking an eye. Needless to say, the client was overjoyed.

This story has a happy ending. There were a number of times when a different action could have resulted in a different outcome. Our Buckhead Paws dog walker showed good judgement, deep concern for Boomer, and good decision-making skills. We acted quickly and communicated clearly. And, because we’re bonded and insured, the client was able to focus on caring for Boomer, rather than worry about paying for his care.

If we can be of service to you, call Buckhead Paws at 404-432-1192.

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