Do you confuse your dog? Look at these eight ways you might be doing so.

I learned something new from this article and wanted to share it with you. The explanation for each item in this list bears reading for more insight that will help you and your furbaby connect.

1. You leave them alone (How can you do that to me???)

2. You are visually driven (That’s so boring!)

3. You change your shape and appearance (Hat or no hat? Sweater and slacks, or bikini?)

4. You like to hug (Makes it hard for me to chase squirrels)

5. You don’t like to be bitten (But I’ve got to chew on SOMETHING!)

6. You don’t eat food from the bin (How do you ever get a decent-sized bite?)

7. You share territories (But at least your friends don’t pee in your house)

8. You use your hands a lot (I don’t have opposable thumbs)

(And here’s a hint: a visit from Buckhead Paws can help your pup deal with #1)


(from an article by Melissa Starling and Paul McGreevy that appeared in The Conversation, 2/5/2020)