Atlanta Dog Walker: 10 Fun Facts about Your Pet

When we think of owning a pet, the first thing that comes to mind is most likely the responsibility involved.

But that is just a side issue – like with human parenting, the great times in pet parenting far outweigh the effort involved. Dogs are such lovely creatures that lighten up anyone’s day.

Check these fun facts on dog breeds to see why.

1. A Dog’s Mind Is Brilliant

We can notice dogs are among the most intelligent creatures in the animal world. That’s because their intellect is similar to a 2-year old toddler’s.

Among the amazing cognitive processes dogs are capable of, we can count:

  • assuming another being’s perspective
  • learning from another one’s actions
  • cooperation
  • spontaneous and flexible gesture interpretation
  • problem-solving

2. Tail-Chasing

If you own several dogs, this is a familiar – and often funny – sight.

But what would be the explanation behind dogs’ chasing their tails?

  • compulsive behavior
  • hereditary traits (especially in the German shepherd breeds)
  • boredom
  • being or feeling solitary when they lack playmates
  • confinement in small spaces.

3. Time Sensing

This ability is the one which helps dogs rapidly pick up on schedules and routines.

But it also makes them feel your absence. More than that, there’s a study claiming they can also feel the time of the day.

This allegedly stems from dogs’ sense of smell and how it detects the time of the day by smelling the corresponding heat difference in the air.

4. Dreams

If reports about their intelligence are not enough, there’s even more dog abilities which can fascinate us.

They can dream due to their sleep behavior, which is similar to humans.

Their sleep patterns involve stages of muted brain activity and periods of liveliness called Rapid Eye Movement (REM).


5. Mind the Dog Food

If we are to guide ourselves by anatomical indicators, we should assume dogs can also be foodies.

That’s because of their tongues, which contain 1,700 taste buds – not far from humans’ 9,000.

An extra fun advantage dogs have is they can snatch a plate of cookies faster than humans can. It helps their smell is up to 100,000 more acute than ours.

6. An Atlanta Dog Walker’s Aid

If you’re walking your dog on a summer afternoon and it starts fidgeting around, take it as a sign.

A pet website poll revealed dogs can sense stormy weather approaching, so make sure you notice when they’re agitated.

7. Panting with a Reason

Hot weather is another situation dogs are well equipped to respond to.

If you see them looking exhausted and panting intensely, it’s because pants are their cooling mechanisms. They do have sweat glands, but their main air conditioner is panting.

A professional Atlanta dog walker knows rapid breathing enables water evaporation from the tongues and respiratory tracts. For this process to be efficient, dogs need to take 300-400 breaths per minute.

8. Curling for a Reason

When a dog curls inside its nook, it’s not just out of sleep. They also feel an age-old instinct to protect themselves against exterior perils.

9. America’s Best Friends

Do you have the impression you’re seeing dogs everywhere?

That’s because 62% of American households have a furry friend inside.

10. Extra Powers

Well, it’s not a power per se, but dogs do have night vision. It is enabled by a membrane called tapetum lucidum.

To close, we hope we helped you learned a few extra facts about your beloved pet. And if you don’t already own a dog, maybe you now feel compelled to pay a visit to your local pet store.

At Buckhead Paws, we’re more than happy to help with advice and offer dog walking services throughout Metro Atlanta.  

Stay in touch with our blog activity and feel free to share other pet fun facts in the comments section.

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