A Pet-Free Vacation with Buckhead Dog Sitters

A Pet-Free Vacation with Buckhead Dog Sitters

Last year’s vacation with the spouse, kids, and dogs—all packed into the family car—was a cramped mess. The car smelled like a dirty mop, you kept running out of dog food in the middle of the desert, and the dog got off the leash and was lost in the woods for three days, making you miss your exotic cruise.

No matter how much loving care you have for your dog, they can drive you mad when traveling.

Having a dog as a pet is a real honor and a privilege. They become your best friend in the world and the mirror of your soul. No matter what, just like a child, when you make yourself responsible for the life of a dog, you must put your companion’s health and happiness as the most paramount priority.

As humans, we have bred the pet, which we now call dogs, from a wild animal: The wolf. Since we have determined the adaptation and evolution of this animal and have dictated its purpose as our pet companions, we are obligated to be a servant to them. The servitude and love you show to your dog will be paid back to you tenfold, with every second of time you spend together. Dogs are just big bundles of love and emulate the life in which you show them.

Spending time and developing a relationship with your dog, decreases a person’s stress levels in the brain. This is because, when you play with your dog, the human body imitates the heartbeat of the dog, synching their immune systems rhythm and producing dopamine—the happy chemical in both brains. Even though caring for a dog can be stressful at times, the health benefits of companionship and visceral connection are shown to outweigh the stressors associated with pet ownership.

Dogs of different breeds and types can be intelligent in different ways. Though all dogs are intelligent, some breeds possess an acute set of naturally adapted skills and well-honed abilities to learn tasks and take orders. Some breeds have a higher emotional intelligence, drawing from a desire to please, making them highly trainable and attentive to an owner’s directions.

At Buckhead Paws, trained professional pet sitters and animal handlers, work with dogs from a wide range of starting points with total pet play. Pet caretakers are experienced in working with young, independent and wild puppies to obedient, over-the-hill pups of every age and breed.

There is plenty to learn about what makes your dog tick and plenty to unlearn as well. At Buckhead Paws, pet care associates possess an in-depth knowledge of dog behavioral patterns, pet first aid, Atlanta laws regarding pets in general, and complete loving care for your pet. While you are on vacation, Buckhead Paws include daily dog walks with experienced dog walkers, midday visits, puppy park days, overnight pet sitting, and feeding pets on a predetermined schedule.

The luxuries included in Buckhead Paw Services extend to running errands for your pet, washing and shampooing your pup, doggy messages, brushing, medicine administration, and cleaning litter boxes.

In addition, home services include the option to perform daily functions, such as watering plants, bringing mail and newspapers inside the house, opening or closing blinds, and altering your home’s lighting via specific instruction.

Buckhead Paws Pet Care Service is more than a vacation for your dog; it’s a tool for your life to increase the efficiency of your daily life and the happiness of your puppy companion. For complete peace of mind, let Buckhead Paws take care of your dog while you’re away.

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