How Buckhead Pet Sitters Can Help You While You’re Away

How Buckhead Pet Sitters Can Help You While You’re Away


Owning a pet is one of the greatest joys in the world, but it’s also one of life’s biggest responsibilities. In return for the companionship and unconditional love given to you by your pet pal, you must provide whatever it is your pet needs—shelter, food, exercise, medical care, and more.

Unfortunately for many pet owners, it’s impossible to be with their pet 24 hours a day. They have responsibilities outside of the home and also want to enjoy their lives with recreational and family activities that might not be pet-friendly. The good news is Buckhead Paws in north Buckhead is available to help. We can fill in the gaps with a professional pet sitter and dog walker when you just can’t make your pet your main priority.

How can we help when you’re away?

Keep Your Pet Active

Your loving pet needs exercise and in some cases, lots of it. Some breeds of dog require an hour or more of physical activity each day. Unfortunately, by the time you finish with your busy work day, you might be too worn out to go on an hour-long hike. Not to mention you need the weather to cooperate during your non-working hours.

At Buckhead Paws, we can get your pet the activity they need during the day. We’ll take your pet for long strolls or a quick walk through the neighborhood. We can also engage your pet in fun activities indoors when the weather warrants it.

Did you know a dog gets the same “workout” from mental stimulation as from physical activity? On days when getting outside isn’t an option, we’ll engage your pet in indoor fun that gets their mind working.

Provide Supervision and Care

Loving pets need supervision and care and, unfortunately, this need doesn’t always coincide with your work schedule. In addition to the usual care every pet needs such as bathing, brushing, and litter box cleaning, your pet might have special needs.  It’s tough being away from their people, but a little attention is a great way to calm them down and relax.

As part of our pet services, we will provide a house sitter and we’re also able to take care of pet responsibilities outside of the home, like taking your pet to the vet or picking up food or medication from the store. Our goal is to make pet ownership as easy as possible for you and provide your pet what they need.

Monitor Your Home

Caring for your pet is about more than just feeding, bathing, and cleaning up. You also need to make sure your home is safe. Most homeowners dread the idea of a home invasion, but the fear is even worse if your pet is at risk. At Buckhead Paws, we’re able to monitor the safety of your home with a trusty house sitter—for your sake and for your pets.

Having a pet sitter visit your home while you’re away serves as a deterrent for criminals. They aren’t sure whether you are really home or not, or who will be coming and going from your home while you’re away. It’s a great way to take care of two concerns at once: Your pet gets care and your home is protected.

Collect Your Mail and Other Deliveries

Additionally, we’re able to take care of some of the routine tasks of homeownership that are neglected while you’re away. We can perform daily functions, such as watering plants, bringing mail and newspapers inside the house, opening or closing blinds, and altering your home’s lighting.

This adds an extra layer of protection while you’re away and makes it easier to relax and enjoy your time away, whether it’s for a day or a few weeks. It also makes it a lot easier to get back into the swing of things once you’re back.

Ensure Your Time Away from Home is Free of Stress

At Buckhead Paws, our number one priority is your pet. But it’s also our goal to make sure you’re able to relax and enjoy your time away from home. We know it’s stressful to spend time away from your pet during the workday, which is why we’re available to walk your dog or engage your pet in activities throughout the day.

We’re also here when you need to spend several days away from home. Vacations can be one of the most stressful events in a pet’s life. They are home alone more than usual and unsure when their people will return. Not to mention the burden it puts on you during your vacation—feeling guilty, wondering how things are going at home, or worried that your pet is uncomfortable or unhappy or worse, unsafe, being boarded while you’re away.

We help alleviate the stress of travel for you and your pet by providing the companionship they need to relax and feel comfortable—allowing you to do the same!

Having a pet sitter visit your home is a safer alternative to boarding or doggy daycare while you are away. Your pet remains in the environment to which they are accustomed, so even though they miss your presence, it’s still familiar surroundings. Not to mention having your pup guard your home while you’re away is an additional security measure!

At Buckhead Paws, we’re a resource for your life and we can help you increase your efficiency—all while making your pet companion happy.

For complete peace of mind, let Buckhead Paws take care of your dog while you’re away.

Do you need a dog walking or pet sitting business? Perhaps someone to stay the night with your pet, in your home or ours, while you’re out of town? Whether you’re in Buckhead, Brookhaven, or the North Atlanta area, Buckhead Paws is here to help—that’s what we do. We absolutely love pets!

Call us at 404-432-1192, or you can reach us via email or the contact form to get in touch.

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