The Value of a Good Trainer

The Value of a Good Trainer

Barbara, a friend on Facebook, wrote about her greyhound’s separation anxiety. While we aren’t recommending one trainer or solution over another, I thought this story was share-worthy. There IS hope if your sweet dog experiences this!

“Isolation distress/separation anxiety is one of the most exasperating dog behaviors to work through. Anxiety in dogs is similar to that in humans. It simply doesn’t respond to logic. You can’t just leave your dog alone and let them “get over it.” Distressed dogs have jumped through glass and chewed through doors. You have to follow a slow course through ID/SA training. You read books, speak to your vet, enter online chatrooms, and find a community of people who get it. You get frustrated, angry, hopeful and hopeless, sometimes all in the same day.

I found Malena DeMartini Price online. She specializes in training owners to help their dogs. I spoke to her for an hour, free of charge. She made suggestions, and I signed us up for her training. After months, we had a breakthrough. This week I was able to do training absences 7 days running, all over an hour, 4 absences for 2 hours, and tonight I got to go to my book club without the dog (all while monitoring an app and the PupCam), and I was away for 3 HOURS.

We still have a ways to go, and I know that sometimes two steps forward translates to a step back, but I feel like I can see the light in the tunnel and can imagine having a life back again. I’m so appreciative of every friend and professional who has helped us.”

If the beloved pup in your life struggles with isolation anxiety, give us a call. We aren’t experts, but we can help you find resources who are.

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