What To Tell Your Pet Sitter Before You Leave Atlanta

What To Tell Your Pet Sitter Before You Leave Atlanta

Whether you’re a new pet sitting client, someone who hasn’t needed us in a while, or one of our beloved “regulars,” the information in your Buckhead Paws Client Profile becomes even more important if you’re traveling. We tell our clients, “Pretend we’re coming into your home completely blind; we’ve never been there before, and we’ve never met you or your pet.” Clearly, the more complete the profile is, the more we can be of service. (This is also a good time to remind our regular clients to keep profiles current — situations change, and it always helps us to have the latest information). When you’re out of town and using our vacation pet sitting or overnight pet sitting services, an updated Client Profile helps us ensure that your dog or cat has a fun and safe vacation too.

A key element in building a relationship with a new dog walking client or getting reacquainted with you and your pet is the “Meet and Greet.” In fact, we don’t accept a new client without this all-important meeting. It’s complimentary, with no obligation to use our services, and it sets the foundation for our pet sitting relationship going forward. This is the time for you to tell us and show us everything you’d like us to know about your fur-kid(s): feeding instructions, routines, favorite dog walking routes, fears, phobias, likes and dislikes, meds, etc.

The following list is by no means exhaustive, but it gives a good idea of the kinds of things we want to discuss at the Meet and Greet, as well as keep current in the Client Profile:

  • How we should enter the home

  • Your pet’s medical history
  • Your pet’s behavioral history
  • The details of their mealtime routine
  • Your pet’s bedtime routine
  • Meds?
  • The location of supplies
  • Emergency information

Our primary goal is to provide complete peace of mind to our clients — clients need to have the freedom to focus on what they need to do; we can’t have you spending valuable time and energy worrying about what’s going on at home. A thorough Meet and Greet and a comprehensive Client Profile will help us do exactly that!

Click here to update or create your Buckhead Paws Client Profile.

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