Few would deny that dogs are indeed man’s best friend. They provide us with hours of entertainment, endless love, loyalty, and, when push comes to shove, even a shoulder to cry on. Besides that, few things give us more joy than coming home to an excited and jumping ball of fur after a long day. It is true that dogs live to please their masters, and there’s no better way to let them do that best than by teaching them some great tricks that will lift your mood and make you forget about all your troubles in an instant. So, without further ado, here are some of the coolest tricks to teach your canine companion.


Teaching your dog how to sit is one of the most basic tricks one can teach their dog. Besides that, when your dog is in the sitting position, she knows that she has to stay there until you give her another command, which is great when you don’t want your dog to run around and disturb you while you’re busy. This trick is also perfect for outdoors, to keep your dog safe.

Open and Close a Door

This is a more advanced, and equally impressive trick to teach your dog. But, this trick should only be taught if you are absolutely certain that your dog won’t be running outside too often thanks to her new-found skill. It is also advisable to teach this trick to your dog with the help of a stuffed toy or a rope, rather than biting on the door handle.


While this trick is easy to teach to big dogs, smaller breeds will no doubt find it a bit harder to learn, at first. That being said, one should also keep in mind that larger breeds could leave deep scratch marks on the door if they get too excited while trying to open it. It is advised to teach your dog to only open doors which have ropes or a stuffed toy attached to the door handle, to keep them from opening doors which lead outside. To start, you can tie a rope or a toy to the handle of the door, and encourage the dog to tug the rope or tug toy. Once you have gotten your dog to tug on the rope, encourage her by praising her and rewarding her with a treat. But, only offer a treat when your dog has completed the task successfully. Once they have learned how to open a door, you can use the treat in your hand to encourage them to jump on the door to close it shut.

Fetch a Drink

Another awesome trick to teach your canine friend is how to fetch a drink from the refrigerator. This will be easy once she has learnt how to open a door. Dog owners should only teach this trick to their pets when they are absolutely certain that they will not try to eat all the food in the fridge once the door’s opened. You can teach them how to open the fridge door by attaching a tug toy or a rope to it, as mentioned before.

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Like opening a normal door, you can first encourage your dog to tug on the rope to open the fridge door, then reward her with a treat. After that, hold out the treat against the open fridge door and encourage her to jump up and use her paws to shut the fridge door. This trick will take some time, depending on your dog, but you should keep on going until your pet can do it with vocal commands alone.

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Encourage your dog to tug on it until the door pops open. Reward him immediately. Next, hold the treat against the outside of the open door, and encourage your dog to jump up with his front paws so that the door swings shut. You can even place your dog’s favorite toy in the fridge to encourage her to open the door.

Play Soccer

While most games require having hands in order to play them, soccer or football is one of those games which require only the use of one’s feet, which makes it a good choice when it comes to teaching your dog a game. Dogs are naturals when it comes to playing soccer, which makes it all the more fun to teach them how to play. It is advised that you choose a soccer ball which is a bit larger than your dog’s mouth so that they won’t attempt to swallow it while playing. Using a larger ball will also prevent the dog from picking up the soccer ball and running away with it, which is considered a foul in dog soccer. Also, choose an empty park or a garden so that your dog doesn’t chase other kids instead of the ball. And make sure you take a bag of treats along with you to reward her whenever she dribbles well.

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To teach your dog this trick, you will first need to get her acquainted with the soccer ball, by giving it to her and allowing her to smell the ball. If she begins to move the ball by herself, you should praise her immediately and give her a treat for encouragement. If she isn’t interested in the ball, you can begin by rolling the ball gently toward her while you encourage her how to play.

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A good way to encourage your dog to play soccer is by praising her every time she touches the ball with her nose or paw. And, while it might take several trips to the park to finally make her dribble the ball like a pro, in the end you will see that it is totally worth it. Once she is comfortable with the concept, you can start kicking the ball farther away from you and encouraging her to dribble the ball back to you. End by rewarding her with a treat so that she’ll play with you next time.

Water Fetch

Water fetch is a great game to teach your dog when you’re out on the beach or by the pool. But, before you teach you dog how to fetch, you will have to teach her how to swim, especially if your pet is not a Spaniel or a Labrador. You will also need to get a life jacket for your dog, just in case. To begin, get into the water, and then encourage your dog to do the same with a treat. Once your dog is comfortable staying afloat, you can use a ball or some other toy which floats to coax your dog to fetch it.


It is true that many dogs just like the sound of their own voice, which is why they will start to sing every time you pick up an instrument and begin to play, or if her favorite song is playing on the radio. But, others will need a little bit of encouragement for them to display their vocals. While the trick is an interesting one to teach your dog, it might not be a good idea if you’re living in an apartment complex and have grumpy neighbors. That’s because some dogs prefer to have little practice sessions when you are not at home, where they experiment with different tones, which could drive your neighbors up the wall.

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You can begin by exposing your dog to different genres of music to see which one tickles their fancy. Once you’ve found the one, stick to it and inspire your dog to sing along with you. Since you are the leader of the pack, it is important that you lead by example. So, you’ll have to practice your howling skills, too. Teaching your dog how to sing should not be difficult, since you have the example of the New Guinea singing dog, which is a close relative of the dingo. And, since dogs are direct descendants of wolves, they will easily find their howling abilities once you encourage them.


Contrary to popular belief, it is surprisingly easy to teach your dog how to high five. What you need to do is make your dog sit, and encourage her by rewarding her with a treat. Hold the treat in front of her, but a bit out of reach, while saying “high five.” Don’t forget to tap one of her feet while you do that. Most dogs will normally raise their paw toward the treat in your hand. When she does that, catch her paw with your hand and give her a treat.

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You can begin by exposing your dog to different genres of music to see which one tickles their fancy. Once you’ve found the one, stick to it and inspire your dog to sing along with you. Since you are the leader of the pack, it is important that you lead by example. So, you’ll have to practice your howling skills, too. Teaching your dog how to sing should not be difficult, since you have the example of the New Guinea singing dog, which is a close relative of the dingo. And, since dogs are direct descendants of wolves, they will easily find their howling abilities once you encourage them.


While all dogs can lick your face without you having to give them any command, teaching them how to give you a gentle kiss without covering you with saliva is usually a challenge. To show your dog this trick, you can place a treat in front of your face and give the command. Offer your cheek by extending it in front of your dog until she touches it with her nose. Then, before your dog has a chance to give you a lick, offer her a treat instead. You need to be fast for this one, since pulling away from your dog as soon as she touches your cheek with her nose will make her learn that all she has to do is press her nose against your cheek gently to get the treat.

Remember, do not let your children show her this trick if your dog is known to get overly excited. This could cause her to nip your child by accident. You should also be careful while teaching this trick to the larger breeds, since a small tap of the nose could sometimes turn into a painful head butt. So, it is important to make sure that your dog is gentle while performing this trick.


One of the best and more advanced tricks to teach a dog is definitely the handstand. While small breeds such as the Chihuahuas perform this trick spontaneously, since they have large heads and a relatively small body, teaching larger breeds how to find their balance will be quite a task. That being said, it is not impossible to teach a larger breed dog how to handstand.

First and foremost, you will need to ensure the safety of your dog, and to do that you will need to help your dog develop the muscles which she will then use to perform the trick. You can start off by having her stand in front of a wall with her hind legs raised on a small block or a stack of books. You will soon find out whether or not she is able to proceed to the next stage, if she can raise herself off the ground in order to get into position. Once your dog is able to place her back feet on the wall without any help, hold out a treat and encourage her to move forward, away from the wall. Place your hand on her belly to help her develop her balance.

Playing the Piano

If you like to play the piano, why not teach that to your pet dog as well? Since she will do almost anything to earn herself a delicious treat, it should not be a problem. First off, you will need a standard sized piano, and a dog, preferably a larger breed. Start by placing the piano in front of your pet and, once she shows a sign of interest in the object, reward her with a treat. Now, give her a treat whenever she shows interest in the piano. Most dogs will usually start to press the keys with their paws once they find out that good things happen whenever they are close to the piano.

Saying a Prayer

So, you’re not religious—so what! Teaching your dog how to pray is still a cool trick to do in front of your friends. You can start by making your dog sit in front of you. Then start at the beginning by teaching your dog how to give you her paw. Once your dog does that, you can extend your own arms so that she can rest her paws on your forearm. Don’t forget to praise her as soon as she gets it right. Once your dog gets that part right, place a treat in front of her nose, and then lower it slowly underneath your arm, so that she does the same until her head is lowered underneath your arm and between her paws. If your dog tries to remove her paws, remove the treat, and start again until she gets it right.

Army Crawl

The army crawl is a great trick to teach your dog. While some begin to crawl without any training needed, others need a little encouragement. You can start by commanding your dog to lie down. Then, hold a treat between your fingers so that she is able to smell it, but cannot take it from you. Now, slowly drag the treat along the floor, while keeping her head lowered. You can teach your dog how to do the army crawl if you let her crawl a longer distance each time.


Teaching your dog how to salute is another great trick to impress all of your friends and family members whenever they drop by. Start by commanding your dog to sit down. Now stick a small piece of tape right above your dog’s eye. Then as your dog raises its paw to attempt to remove the tape, give her a treat. With a little bit of patience you should be able to teach your dog how to salute without using the red tape, eventually.

Using the Loo

Remember that Jim Carrey movie with the scene in which he commands his dog to put the seat down after using the loo? Well, that’s not that far-fetched a trick if you think about it, but it will be one of the harder tricks to teach your dog. To start, you will need to change the command you are probably using right now to “go to the bathroom.” Once she is able to associate relieving herself with the command, you can introduce a litter box in the bathroom. Take your dog’s paws and place it in the litter box while repeating the command. Eventually, your dog will learn how to use the litter box in the toilet instead of going outside. When she is able to do that, you can then place the box into the toilet itself and encourage her to jump up on the toilet whenever she has to go the bathroom. Pretty soon, you will be able to remove the box altogether and have your dog use the toilet whenever she needs to do her business.


Skateboarding is extreme, no matter which way you take it. But, teaching smaller breeds such as pugs or bulldogs how to use the skateboard is a great idea. You can start by first introducing her to the skateboard. To do that you need to place the skateboard upside down so that she can inspect it first. The reason you will be placing the skateboard upside down is that dogs are usually afraid of moving objects, let alone getting on one. Now, turn the skateboard over and roll it away from her. Take the skateboard outside and encourage her to touch the skateboard. Eventually, she will jump on it, but make sure that you are there to balance her at all times.

Ending Note

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So, there you have it. These are some of the best tricks that you can easily teach your pet to impress your friends. All it takes is patience and few bags of treats.