Atlanta Dog Walker: How To Walk Your Dog Like A Pro

Not many people know how to master dog walking, or how to behave in this situation. This fact can apply to both new dog owners and people who have had a dog for quite a while.

There’s always room for improvement when it comes to bonding with your pet.

A skilled Atlanta dog walker can give you the best tips so that you have the best relationship with your dog.

If your dog acts stubborn during his walk, or if he doesn’t behave as he should, then this article is for you.

We compiled a few tips that will help you master the dog walk.

atlanta dog walker

Atlanta Dog Walker: How to Walk Your Dog Like a Pro

1. The dog leash is very important

Too many people use a leash too long for the purpose of pet walking. The leash has to be as short as possible because it will allow you to have more control over your pet during the walk.

By attaching the leash closely to the top of the neck, you will be able to guide and correct your pet more easily.

2. How you should walk  

If you take a close look around you, in the park or on the street, you will see many people who walk behind their dog.

This is a big no-no. Pet owners who do will never be seen as a pack leader by their dog.

When going on the regular walk, make sure you are the first one to leave the house and the first one to enter it. During the walk, your dog should be beside you or behind you and never in front of you.

3. Rewarding your dog during the walk

atlanta dog walker

If your dog is calm and has remained this way for a while, you can go ahead and reward him.

You can do so by letting him explore the area and sniff around. It’s very important to keep in mind you are the one who needs to decide when reward time is over.

4. Being a pack leader even after you get home 

Most dog owners forget all about the control they’ve managed to achieve outside as soon as they enter the house.

Even though you are both probably excited to arrive home, you still need to demonstrate that you are a pack leader.

Your dog should remain calm until you take his leash or dog walking devices off.

5. Don’t rush it

We know. You’re tempted to spend only 10 to 15 minutes on your dog’s morning walk. However, this is not such a good idea.

You should always take about 30 minutes or up to an hour to walk your dog. This way, you will make sure his needs are being met so that he will be happy.

Advice from the Best Atlanta Dog Walker

If dog walking is currently an issue for you, we do hope our tips will help you master it.

We love pets, and we love to make sure we comply with every need our clients may have. If you don’t always have time for the daily walks, or you’re simply away on vacation, we’ve got you covered.

Daily walks, pet sitting, feeding, grooming, or administration of medicine don’t represent a problem for us.

Feel free to contact Mark at for a consultation if you need an Atlanta dog walker. 

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