Can’t Walk My Dog: What Options Do I Have?

Can’t Walk My Dog: What Options Do I Have?

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When you get a dog, your level of commitment starts going through the roof. Everything goes smoothly, and your pet is happy.

However, personal or professional life will sometimes inevitably interfere with these happy times. And it’s easy for self-blame to creep in and make you wonder: “Am I a bad pet owner when I can’t walk my dog?”

The answer is “No”. And it’s not just a make-you-feel-better answer. Dog owners don’t have to feel guilty for missing out on a few walks.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options you can rely on:

1.Engage Your Dog with a Food Puzzle

Sometimes, weather or other unexpected events can get in your way. So what? Puzzle toys are here to save the day.

Were you aware of the benefits of food puzzles? If not, it’s high time you start looking into them.

Start off with easy versions to get your dog accustomed to this. Load the puzzle with goodies and orchestrate a food hunt around the house. It keeps both the muscles and the brain alert.

In case the dog doesn’t find it interesting enough, try different treats than usual. Anything that’s new, chewy, smelly will spark their interest.

The best part of this solution is that it fits all breeds and sizes. After all, it’s based on their hunting heritage. If you’re successful with it, consider replacing food bowls with puzzles altogether.

2. Can’t Walk My Dog? My Home Is a Reliable Ally

walk my dog

Playing indoors is the classic go-to option. But you can add a twist to it and put your mind to the test. Try to:

  • Play hide-and-seek
  • Get your dog to run up and down the stairs
  • Teach your pup how to recognize his/her toys

3. The Ever-Useful Game of Fetch

“I can’t walk my dog because of a medical condition” is something some people might say at some point.

When health keeps you away from physical activity, a short game of fetch might be the perfect replacement for a walk.

Fetch doesn’t require a lot of movement on your part while it counts as a workout for your dog.

4. No Time at All? Then a Dog Walker Is Your Best Bet

At this point, however, you might argue “It all sounds great, but I really don’t have time to walk my dog”.

How many times did you postpone various appointments or activities because they overlapped with dog walking?

Out of fear they might be careless with their dog, people often neglect other issues needing to be solved.

In this case, all remaining to be done is to trust professionals and let them take care of your beloved pup in our hands.

We have dealt with numerous occasions where dog owners placed unnecessary pressure on themselves. That’s why we recommend you get in touch with us to solve this issue. 

So, the next time you utter the words “I can’t walk my dog”, don’t stress it. Just rely on your trusty dog walkers to attend to all of your pet’s needs.

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