Find a Pet Sitter Near You

If you are in the Atlanta, Georgia area and are looking for the perfect pet sitter who will love and care for your pet just as you would, turn your attention toward Buckhead Paws.

Buckhead Paws is an Atlanta-based pet sitting service that’s been operating since 2007, offering pet services for dogs and cats alike. The services tnclude walks, mid-day potty breaks, daily care, and in-your-home overnight pet sits. Regardless of the circumstance, you can be sure the best of Atlanta’s pet care professionals have your pet’s needs in mind.

One of the most-needed pet care services for pet owners is overnight, in-home pet sitting services. In-home pet sitting is when a pet care professional stays in your home in your absence to take care of your dog, cat or other animals, just as you would. This is really reassuring for both you and your pet. First, you can ensure that your pet is receiving the ultimate in personalized attention and care while you are gone. But in addition, you also have the confidence of knowing that someone is looking after your home while you’re away. This is good both for your pet’s health, as well as for your peace of mind.

While you are away, you may be inclined to worry about whether your pet is okay, but with Buckhead Paws, that won’t be necessary, because you will know your pet is being well taken care of. The attention of a personalized pet sitter cannot be compared with boarding your pet at a boarding facility, where your furry friend might spend her entire day in a cage. Lucky for you, Buckhead Paws hires only experienced pet sitters, so you will have the security of knowing that your pet and your home will be treated just as you would treat them.

While caring for your pet’s needs, your Buckhead Paws pet sitter will also bring in the mail, water your plants, adjust lighting, open/close the blinds, and generally give your house the “lived in” feel so it’s less likely to become a target for theft.

So never fear as vacation time rolls around and you begin to wish you had someone to help care for your pet. Buckhead Paws is ahead of the game and has everything covered for you already. Check out this testimonial from a Buckhead Paws client:

Melanie writes, “As a pet owner and traveling professional, one of the hardest decisions you will have to make is who to care for your pet while you are away. Well, this decision was simple for me after meeting Mark with Buckhead Paws. We interviewed several companies that service in our area, and we didn’t delay choosing Mark’s company over them all. Mark is genuine, caring, trustworthy, and overly attentive to my guy, Langston. My little Shih Tzu can be difficult to get to know, but after only a short while, I think he enjoys his walks with his Buckhead Paws friend more than he enjoys his ones with me! Without a doubt, I can trust that Mark and his team will take care of my lil’ guy, and my home, just as I would. That means I can travel for business without the stress of worrying about what is happening at home.”

Worry no more! When you go away, Buckhead Paws is your in-home pet sitting service of choice!


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