Giving Fido A Touch of Personal Love

Giving Fido A Touch of Personal Love

When you must be at work or away, you need someone to step in and care for your beloved fur baby. Pet sitters do more than just stop by and give Fido a bowl of food and water. A good pet sitter does all that you would normally do with your pet, including playing, exercising, taking to the nearby dog groomers, or the vet should there be an emergency. Pet sitters are your replacement while you are away.

Some pet sitters are specifically dog sitters, while others are specifically cat sitters. If you are in search of someone to care for your dog while you are away, you will want someone attentive and caring. Dog sitters, or pet sitters for dogs, love animals, but more importantly, they want to provide complete peace of mind to you, as well.

Whether you notice it or not, you may get stressed thinking about an upcoming trip. When your dog can sense your stress, he can take on that stress, and become stressed himself. When your dog is with a pet sitter from Buckhead Paws, you have nothing to worry about. You know that your sweet pup will be receiving attention, be fed on time, and be exercised just as if you were there personally. That is peace of mind!

What it Costs

While dog sitting prices vary heavily from place to place, Buckhead Paws in Atlanta, GA, is always competitive. For their trained, experienced, and professional dog sitters to care for your pet, you can expect to pay $17 per visit for day care, and $75 for overnight care. Included in either package is feeding time, daily walks, treats, brushing, and other services such as bringing in the mail.

Once you’ve secured your dog sitter, you simply have to plan for your time away. You want to leave detailed instructions for what you expect to be taken care of – and you can do that with the Buckhead Paws online scheduling system. With the online scheduling system, you can detail your pet’s daily routines and activities, the times medications need to be taken, personality information, as well as providing contact information should your sitter need to reach you with questions or in the event of an emergency. Doing this will allow for the best care possible.

With Buckhead Paws looking after your pet, you can enjoy being away from home, and return refreshed and ready to pick up exactly where you left off.

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