Peace of Mind While You’re Away

Peace of Mind While You’re Away 

Vacations are supposed to be fun, but having to go away when you are a pet owner can be stressful. You don’t want to impose on your family and friends to take time away from their responsibilities to care for your pet. Or you may be new in town and not yet know anyone at all. While hotels are getting more pet friendly, travel can be quite stressful for your pet. Pets are accustomed to the sights, smells, and sounds of their home, and many pets don’t like going away as much as we do. For the same reason, boarding your pet at the vet or a pet hotel can be stressful. These facilities take in a lot of animals, and they often have to stay confined to cages, with the exception of short play and feeding times. Here, your pet may not receive as much individualized care and affection as if you were with it. This can be upsetting to an animal.


This is why in-home pet sitting is becoming so popular. You are able to go on your trip with the peace of mind that your pet is being taken care of, just as if you were there. Home pet sitting with a professional pet sitting service – such as Buckhead Paws – gives you peace of mind; this is very different from worrying about whether or not your neighbor or friend will remember to feed your pet or have the time to give much needed exercise.

Buckhead Paws is happy to take care of these needs for you and your beloved pet. In business since 2007, you will never have to worry for a minute about whether or not your pet is happy and well-taken care of.

If you will be gone all day, Buckhead Paws recommends 3 visits per day for your pet’s safety and well-being, at a cost of $20 per visit. This includes feeding, walking and exercise time, litter box scooping/cleaning for cats, treats, brushing (if desired), and other helpful chores for your home, such as bringing in the mail, watering plants, etc. For extended trips that require you to be away overnight or for days at time, you only need pay $75 for in-home, overnight pet sitting. This affords you and your pet the same daily benefits offered in the day visit package for an extended amount of time.


Everything you regularly do for your cat or dog will be taken care of by an experienced and trained pet sitter allowing your pet to be happy at home.

So, as a vacation or trip approaches, remember that with Buckhead Paws, you are as good as home for your beloved pet.

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