Signs That Warn You about Unqualified Atlanta Dog Sitters

Atlanta Dog sitters

Going out of town can be stressful, especially when you know you have to start looking for Atlanta dog sitters. After all, your dog is a member of the family. You want to make sure that your pet will receive the best care while you’re away.

However, not all dog sitters will treat your pet the way they should.

Here are the most important signs that warn you about unqualified Atlanta dog sitters:

1. A Change in Behavior

Dogs are not afraid to show their feelings whenever their owner returns home. It doesn’t matter if it was for just a few hours or days.

If your dog does not behave as he/she normally would, then something is definitely going on. Your pet should be running to you as soon as you enter the house, jumping on you and wagging their tail.

If it was the first time you left your dog with a sitter, then perhaps it’s just separation anxiety. If it wasn’t, then most probably you need to change your sitter.

2. The Sitter Will Vaguely Answer Your Questions

Naturally, you will want to find out everything that has happened while you were gone and how your dog has behaved during this whole time.

A good sitter will be able to recall every little detail and tell you all about their activities.

Unqualified Atlanta dog sitters, on the other hand, will ramble and avoid giving a concrete answer.

The reason for this can be because they neglected your dog, instead of giving them their full attention, as they should. You don’t want such a person taking care of your pet.

3. Injuries That Can’t Be Explained

If your dog has scratches, swellings, or cuts he/she didn’t have before you left, it represents a warning sign.

Dogs can easily injure themselves when they play with other dogs, or when they run around.  A good dog sitter should pay attention to your dog so they don’t hurt themselves or fight with other dogs.

If the sitter can’t explain those injuries, you should know it’s not a good sign.

4. Carpet Stains

You’d probably be alarmed if you’d return home to find carpet stains, scratches around the door, or bad smells around the house.

A professional dog sitter should know when a dog wants to go out. If the sitter hasn’t been paying attention to these signs, you should fire them right away.

Holding in urine for too long can make dogs more prone to develop bladder infections.

5. Not Receiving Updates on How Your Dog Is Doing

Leaving your dog with a sitter for a few days can prove to be unsettling because you don’t know how your dog will behave.

That’s why you should be able to receive daily updates.

Informing the owner about their pet should be the top priority of a dog sitter.

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