Top 5 Pet Safety Tips for Winter

Top 5 Pet Safety Tips for Winter

pet safety in winter

At Buckhead Paws, we have a relationship with the pets of Atlanta that few do.

And there’s a lot of talk about a cold, wet winter in Georgia.  So we thought it only appropriate to bring you our top 5 pet safety tips for the year’s toughest season.

#5 More Food

Feed Your Pet More When It's Cold OutsideEspecially if your pet spends most of its winter days outside, make sure that you provide them the extra calories necessary to maintain a healthy weight.

Mammal bodies burn more energy trying to maintain warmth in cold weather. They also burn through more H2O.  So be sure to make extra water available as well.

However, resist the temptation to go overboard or you’ll do more harm than good.  The dangers associated with pet obesity have no season.

winter pet excercise#4 Prioritize Exercise

On the same note, you don’t want your pet to become a layabout.  Make sure to find ways to get them moving or they may become lethargic or gain weight.

With dogs, try to maintain your typical walking schedule if possible.  Just be sure to dry them from head to toe to tail when you bring them inside.  This isn’t just for your carpet’s sake, but their skins’ sake as well.

If time outside is out of the question, you should look for creative solutions inside.

#3 Fewer Baths

Dogs are especially prone to dry skin during cold weather.  This can cause cracked paws, rashes, and other painful issues.

In addition to keeping your pet hydrated on the inside, you need to keep them dry on the outside.  Wintertime baths are one of the easiest ways to dry out your pet’s skin.

beware antifreeze and cats#2 Beware Winter Chemicals

There are two substances humans use to combat the elements that are hazardous to our four-legged friends.  Namely: salt and antifreeze.

The salt we use to fight winter ice is another factor that contributes to cracked, hurting pads on pets in wintertime.  

As for antifreeze, human beings are simply clumsy.  But animals are attracted by the sweet smell, not knowing its lethal potential.

#1 Bring Them In

You knew it was coming.

If it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for them.  Bring your pets in!

Don’t begrudge your furry friend a cozy place to sleep at night.  Don’t let their skin and paw pads get dry and cracked.  Don’t put them through the potential dangers winter poses.

Given numbers 2-5, why wouldn’t you keep them inside?

Okay, off the soap box.  But seriously.  Allow your pets to spend as much time inside as possible, especially during winter.

dog sleeps by the fire

Truth be told, the list of issues your pets can suffer from a cold, wet winter can go on and on.  Our top 5 is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

But supposing bringing your pet inside is not an option, the list of required safety precautions would have to be much longer than a top five.
This is why our main recommendation is to heed number one and avoid as many of the potential risks as possible.

If you’d like some help keeping your pet both safe and comfortable this winter, give BuckHead Paws a call now at (404) 432-1192!

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