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Pet Sitting: Have You Discussed With Your Pet?

Pet Sitting: Have You Discussed With Your Pet?

If you are like most pet owners, your dog, cat, parrot, snake, or even lizard can become a part of the family. Treating your pet with the same respect, care, and love that you would your own kin, you are probably going to be seeking out a service that does not only provide the basic necessities for your pet such as something to eat and drink. The best services are the ones that offer a sense of compassion, reliability, and the capability to make your pet feel at ease in their care are the ones you’ll be more inclined to leave your loved one with.Read more

5 situations When You Really Need A Buckhead Pet Sitter

5 situations When You Really Need A Buckhead Pet Sitter


Buckhead Paws is the premier pet sitting and dog walking service in the Atlanta metropolitan area.  The services they offer can accommodate all of a pet owner needs, from basic pet sitting to daily dog walker, and offering safe and secure in-home visits.

Whether you are a traveling professional or juggling a hectic schedule that requires additional help with your pet during the day, Buckhead Pet Sitting Services can meet all pet owner's short and long-term needs.   Read below to see 5 situations where you really need to use their services.

  • Superior care: Their services are a superior alternative to traditional pet boarding or doggie daycare.  The pet sitters are highly trained professionals who are compassionate to the needs of your animal and care for your animal in the same loving and attentive manner you do.  The manner of care is highly individualized, unlike the level of care found in standard pet boarding services or doggie daycares, where animals are grouped en masse and taken care of simultaneously.  With Buckhead Paws, you get a level of quality unsurpassed in its multi-faceted approach of offering individualized, top-quality, and specialized care.
  • In-home care: In-home pet sitting can be a worrisome experience.  Not only are you faced with a stranger caring for your beloved pets, but you are also faced with opening your household to that same person.  Each sitter is trained to handle your pet within the confines of your home with professionalism, integrity, and compassion.  Buckhead Paws sitters must pass security checks and screenings, along with being trained on in-home standards of care.  You can rest assured when you hire Buckhead Paws you will hire the best quality personnel available in terms of handling your in-home pet care needs.  Currently, areas of service include, but are not limited to, the following zip codes.  30305, 30309, 30319 (except South and Southeast Brookhaven,  30324, 30326, 30327, 30328 (south of Hammond Dr. only), 30339 (south of Paces Ferry Rd. only), 30342, 30343, and 30363.  Additional areas are available for service at specified fees. Call to inquire!
  • Specialized service: Buckhead Paws is not your run-of-the-mill pet-sitting service.  They offer specialized levels of care which cannot be found elsewhere.  Their services include the following:  Pet play time, administration of medications, dog-walking, scooping for dogs, litter box cleaning,  bedding/litter as needed, watering plants, bringing in mail/newspapers/packages, taking out and/or bringing in garbage cans and recycling containers, turning lights on/off, opening and closing of blinds and curtains, and, of course, giving your beloved animals fresh water and food.  Detailed reports of their visits are available via hardcopy, email, or text message.


  • Buckhead Paws truly go above and beyond expectations:  Their services have received substantial recognition with numerous awards, testimonials, and “Best of” awards.  You can read about Buckhead Paws and their outstanding service on Kudzu, as well as peruse their many awards.  They are also affiliated with Pet Sitters International, PetTech, and the Georgia Network of Professional Pet Sitters.
  • Flexible, open, commitment-free scheduling: Buckhead Paws offers services catered to fit your scheduling needs.  Whether you need a pet-sitter for one day or one hundred days, they are able to accommodate you and your specialized needs.  Their services include providing basic and specialized pet care for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, exotic animals, and small mammals.  If you are unsure if Buckhead Paws can provide care for your specific animal, just ask!
  • Affordability without compromise: Buckhead Paws offers a top-quality service at a competitive and affordable price which never compromises on integrity, compassion, or quality.  When you hire Buckhead pet sitter, you get the best value for your hard-earned money.

Buckhead Paws treat your pet and your home as if they were their own, with diligence, conscientious consideration, and attention to detail.

That attention to detail is what sets Buckhead Paws apart from the multitude of other pet-sitting companies out there vying for your business.  Through their trained and qualified professionals, you can receive services that will not only meet the specific needs of your pet but surpass your expectations as a consumer.  When you hire Buckhead’s Paws, your pet and your home will be in the best hands available.

Atlanta Dog Walker: 10 Fun Facts about Your Pet

When we think of owning a pet, the first aspect coming to our mind is most likely the responsibility involved.

But that is just a side issue - there is plenty of fun stuff an Atlanta dog walker could tell you.

And just like with human parenting, the great times in pet parenting far outweigh the effort involved. Dogs are such lovely creatures which will lighten up anyone's day.

Check these fun facts on dog breeds to see why.

1. A Dog's Mind Is Brilliant

We can notice dogs are among the most intelligent creatures in the animal world. That's because their intellect is similar to a 2-year old toddler's.

Among the amazing cognitive processes dogs are capable of, we can count:

  • assuming another being's perspective
  • learning from another one's actions
  • cooperativity
  • spontaneous and flexible gesture interpretation
  • problem-solving


2. Tail-Chasing

If you own several dogs, this is a familiar - and often funny - sight.

But what would be the explanation behind dogs' chasing their tails?

  • compulsive behavior
  • hereditary traits (especially in the German shepherd breeds)
  • boredom
  • being or feeling solitary when they lack playmates
  • confinement in small spaces.

3. Time Sensing

This ability is the one which helps dogs rapidly pick up on schedules and routines.

But it also makes them feel your absence. More than that, there's a study claiming they can also feel the time of the day.

This allegedly stems from dogs' sense of smell and how it detects the time of the day by smelling the corresponding heat difference in the air.

4. Dreams

If reports about their intelligence are not enough, there's even more dog abilities which can fascinate us.

They can apparently dream due to their sleep behavior, which is similar to humans.

Their sleep patterns involve stages of muted brain activity and periods of liveliness called Rapid Eye Movement (REM).


5. Mind the Dog Food

If we are to guide ourselves by anatomical indicators, we should assume dogs can also be foodies.

That's because of their tongues which contain 1,700 taste buds - not far from humans' 9,000.

An extra fun advantage dogs have is they can snatch a plate of cookies faster than humans can. It helps their smell is up to 100,000 more acute than ours.

6. An Atlanta Dog Walker's Aid

If you're walking your dog on a summer afternoon and it starts fidgeting around, take it as a sign.

A pet website poll revealed dogs can sense stormy weather approaching, so make sure you notice when they're agitated.

7. Panting with a Reason

Hot weather is another situation dogs are well equipped to respond to.

If you see them looking exhausted and panting intensely, it's because pants are their cooling mechanisms. They do have sweat glands, but their main air conditioner is panting.

An Atlanta dog walker knows rapid breathing enables water evaporation from the tongues and respiratory tracts. For this process to be efficient, dogs need to take 300-400 breaths per minute.

8. Curling for a Reason

When a dog curls inside its nook, it's not just out of sleep. They also feel an age-old instinct to protect themselves against exterior perils.

9. America’s Best Friends

Do you have the impression you're seeing dogs everywhere?

That's because 62% of American households have a furry friend inside.

10. Extra Powers

Well, it's not a power per se, but dogs do have night vision. It is enabled by a membrane called tapetum lucidum.

To close it off, we hope we helped you learned a few extra facts about your beloved pet. And if you don't already own a dog, maybe you now feel compelled to pay a visit to your local pet store.

At Buckhead Paws, we're more than happy to help with advice, services, and maybe an Atlanta dog walker.

Stay in touch with our blog activity and feel free to share other pet fun facts in the comments section.

A Pet-Free Vacation with Buckhead Dog Sitters

A Pet-Free Vacation with Buckhead Dog Sitters

Last year’s vacation with the spouse, kids, and dogs—all packed into the family car—was a cramped mess. The car smelled like a dirty mop, you kept running out of dog food in the middle of the desert, and the dog got off the leash and was lost in the woods for three days, making you miss your exotic cruise.

No matter how much loving care you have for your dog, they can drive you mad when traveling.

Having a dog as a pet is a real honor and a privilege. They become your best friend in the world and the mirror of your soul. No matter what, just like a child, when you make yourself responsible for the life of a dog, you must put your companion's health and happiness as the most paramount priority.

As humans, we have bred the pet, which we now call dogs, from a wild animal: The wolf. Since we have determined the adaptation and evolution of this animal and have dictated its purpose as our pet companions, we are obligated to be a servant to them. The servitude and love you show to your dog will be paid back to you tenfold, with every second of time you spend together. Dogs are just big bundles of love and emulate the life in which you show them.

Spending time and developing a relationship with your dog, decreases a person's stress levels in the brain. This is because, when you play with your dog, the human body imitates the heartbeat of the dog, synching their immune systems rhythm and producing dopamine—the happy chemical in both brains. Even though caring for a dog can be stressful at times, the health benefits of companionship and visceral connection are shown to outweigh the stressors associated with pet ownership.

Dogs of different breeds and types can be intelligent in different ways. Though all dogs are intelligent, some breeds possess an acute set of naturally adapted skills and well-honed abilities to learn tasks and take orders. Some breeds have a higher emotional intelligence, drawing from a desire to please, making them highly trainable and attentive to an owner's directions.

At Buckhead Paws, trained professional pet sitters and animal handlers, work with dogs from a wide range of starting points with total pet play. Pet caretakers are experienced in working with young, independent and wild puppies to obedient, over-the-hill pups of every age and breed.

There is plenty to learn about what makes your dog tick and plenty to unlearn as well. At Buckhead Paws, pet care associates possess an in-depth knowledge of dog behavioral patterns, pet first aid, Atlanta laws regarding pets in general, and complete loving care for your pet. While you are on vacation, Buckhead Paws include daily dog walks with experienced dog walkers, midday visits, puppy park days, overnight pet sitting, and feeding pets on a predetermined schedule.

The luxuries included in Buckhead Paw Services extend to running errands for your pet, washing and shampooing your pup, doggy messages, brushing, medicine administration, and cleaning litter boxes.

In addition, home services include the option to perform daily functions, such as watering plants, bringing mail and newspapers inside the house, opening or closing blinds, and altering your home’s lighting via specific instruction.

Buckhead Paws Pet Care Service is more than a vacation for your dog; it's a tool for your life to increase the efficiency of your daily life and the happiness of your puppy companion. For complete peace of mind, let Buckhead Paws take care of your dog while you're away.

How Buckhead Pet Sitters Can Help You While You're Away

How Buckhead Pet Sitters Can Help You While You're Away


Owning a pet is one of the greatest joys in the world, but it’s also one of life’s biggest responsibilities. In return for the companionship and unconditional love given to you by your pet pal, you must provide whatever it is your pet needs—shelter, food, exercise, medical care, and more.

Unfortunately for many pet owners, it’s impossible to be with their pet 24 hours a day. They have responsibilities outside of the home and also want to enjoy their lives with recreational and family activities that might not be pet-friendly. The good news is Buckhead Paws in north Buckhead is available to help. We can fill in the gaps with a professional pet sitter and dog walker when you just can’t make your pet your main priority.

How can we help when you’re away?

Keep Your Pet Active

Your loving pet needs exercise and in some cases, lots of it. Some breeds of dog require an hour or more of physical activity each day. Unfortunately, by the time you finish with your busy work day, you might be too worn out to go on an hour-long hike. Not to mention you need the weather to cooperate during your non-working hours.

At Buckhead Paws, we can get your pet the activity they need during the day. We’ll take your pet for long strolls or a quick walk through the neighborhood. We can also engage your pet in fun activities indoors when the weather warrants it.

Did you know a dog gets the same “workout” from mental stimulation as from physical activity? On days when getting outside isn’t an option, we’ll engage your pet in indoor fun that gets their mind working.

Provide Supervision and Care

Loving pets need supervision and care and, unfortunately, this need doesn’t always coincide with your work schedule. In addition to the usual care every pet needs such as bathing, brushing, and litter box cleaning, your pet might have special needs.  It’s tough being away from their people, but a little attention is a great way to calm them down and relax.

As part of our pet services, we will provide a house sitter and we’re also able to take care of pet responsibilities outside of the home, like taking your pet to the vet or picking up food or medication from the store. Our goal is to make pet ownership as easy as possible for you and provide your pet what they need.

Monitor Your Home

Caring for your pet is about more than just feeding, bathing, and cleaning up. You also need to make sure your home is safe. Most homeowners dread the idea of a home invasion, but the fear is even worse if your pet is at risk. At Buckhead Paws, we’re able to monitor the safety of your home with a trusty house sitter—for your sake and for your pets.

Having a pet sitter visit your home while you’re away serves as a deterrent for criminals. They aren’t sure whether you are really home or not, or who will be coming and going from your home while you’re away. It’s a great way to take care of two concerns at once: Your pet gets care and your home is protected.

Collect Your Mail and Other Deliveries

Additionally, we’re able to take care of some of the routine tasks of homeownership that are neglected while you’re away. We can perform daily functions, such as watering plants, bringing mail and newspapers inside the house, opening or closing blinds, and altering your home’s lighting.

This adds an extra layer of protection while you’re away and makes it easier to relax and enjoy your time away, whether it’s for a day or a few weeks. It also makes it a lot easier to get back into the swing of things once you’re back.

Ensure Your Time Away from Home is Free of Stress

At Buckhead Paws, our number one priority is your pet. But it’s also our goal to make sure you’re able to relax and enjoy your time away from home. We know it’s stressful to spend time away from your pet during the workday, which is why we’re available to walk your dog or engage your pet in activities throughout the day.

We’re also here when you need to spend several days away from home. Vacations can be one of the most stressful events in a pet’s life. They are home alone more than usual and unsure when their people will return. Not to mention the burden it puts on you during your vacation—feeling guilty, wondering how things are going at home, or worried that your pet is uncomfortable or unhappy or worse, unsafe, being boarded while you’re away.

We help alleviate the stress of travel for you and your pet by providing the companionship they need to relax and feel comfortable—allowing you to do the same!

Having a pet sitter visit your home is a safer alternative to boarding or doggy daycare while you are away. Your pet remains in the environment to which they are accustomed, so even though they miss your presence, it’s still familiar surroundings. Not to mention having your pup guard your home while you’re away is an additional security measure!

At Buckhead Paws, we’re a resource for your life and we can help you increase your efficiency—all while making your pet companion happy.

For complete peace of mind, let Buckhead Paws take care of your dog while you're away.

Do you need a dog walking or pet sitting business? Perhaps someone to stay the night with your pet, in your home or ours, while you’re out of town? Whether you’re in Buckhead, Brookhaven, or the North Atlanta area, Buckhead Paws is here to help—that’s what we do. We absolutely love pets!

Call us at 404-432-1192, or you can reach us via email or the contact form to get in touch.

atlanta dog sitters

How Atlanta Dog Sitters Soothe Your Pet While You're on Vacation

atlanta dog sitters

Vacations! The right time to recharge your batteries. However, a particular group of people might experience mixed feelings when going on your vacations.

Pet owners, we're talking about you. 

Luckily, you know Atlanta dog sitters can always give a helping hand when you're in need. Plus, they know the best pet soothing techniques, so both owner and animals are having a stressless time away. Learn more about the tricks they use.

Divert Attention

Even with humans, entertainment is what helps us overcome missing a loved one. Much more so with our four-legged friends. So, entertainment is the solution when the time comes for the owners to leave their companion with a temporary caregiver.

First, Atlanta dog sitters ask the owner to leave as quietly as possible. As we all know, dogs are quick on detecting sound and movement.

Pet sitters then solve the situation by creating a context which allows dogs to get busy. For instance, lighting Christmas tree decorations allows the pet to focus its attention on the new visual and movement stimuli.

New Games and Toys

Pet owners know it well a new toy can keep dogs busy for days, sparking their interest any part of the day.

Apart from being a distraction, games are the necessary energy burner for indoor times during cold weather. Here are some delightful ideas:

  • treat "treasure hunt"
  • food puzzles for meals

Increase Walk Frequency and Food Intake

The first thought which may cross your mind after reading this headline is «But is winter suitable for more outside walks?».

You're right, as shown in previous articles, wintertime does pose challenges to Atlanta dog walkers. However, these can be overcome if the walker is a professional who knows how to tackle potentially problematic situations.

They'll walk your dog mostly when it's sunny and for short spans of time. Plus, they'll avoid contact with antifreeze and clean the paws to wipe out any snow chemicals.

As for food, it should be given in increased yet controlled amounts.

Atlanta Dog Sitters Spot Separation Anxiety in Dogs

First of all, being separated from longtime caregivers makes a dog lose their main source of affection, so it's natural they develop symptoms like:

  • self-destructive behavior
  • whining
  • crying

Another aspect worth mentioning is Atlanta dog sitters know certain dog breeds are prone to such behavior:

  • the Labrador Retriever
  • the Cocker Spaniel
  • the Bichon Frise
  • the German Shepherd

This is because they are highly energetic beings who need mental stimulation and also grow to be part of the family.

dedicated dog sitter can even set video conferences if they notice the symptoms persist. Also, they can give the dog a piece of clothing pertaining to the owner. The sound of the owner's voice and the familiar smell in the clothing can alleviate the angst.

No matter how short your vacation is, dogs will miss the person they've established such a strong bond with.

Because at Buckhead Paws we understand this, we've always done our best to meet the needs of our customers and their beloved companions. Do you want to be one of them? Check us out.

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What Every Atlanta Dog Walker Knows About Pet Safety in Winter

atlanta dog walker

Cold weather health hazards can often make you and your pet unable to enjoy winter to its fullest.

Don't worry though, you can set aside lots of inconveniences by looking into pet health-related information. Which, to be honest, should be any Atlanta dog walker's autumn plan.

Winter makes us think of cold weather and freezing limbs. Well, we can do our best to make sure your pets feel safe and warm.

Be Careful With Winter-Related Conditions

If your dog has a health condition, you treat it accordingly. But besides the usual preoccupation for your pup's health, you have to check if winter means extra care or more vet appointments.

The conditions we're referring to are:

  • Arthritis
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Hypothermia
  • Frostbite

The latter is the most encountered one as it affects the tissues in limbs, ears or tail. When your pup is suffering from frostbite, you can tell by the occurrence of:

  • Blisters
  • Swelling
  • Discolored skin (gray, pale or red areas beneath the fur).

Normally, you can check your dog by yourself.

For the other conditions on the list, you'll need vet advice.

atlanta dog walker

Lethargy and shivering signal hypothermia, whereas intolerance to cold and mobility issues stand for hypothyroidism and arthritis, respectively.

Look out for Chemicals Used during Winter

The roads are large and full of potentially harmful chemicals. This is not good news for an Atlanta dog walker as dog walks are less frequent during winter anyway.

During these scarce breaths of fresh air, your pet walks on concrete full of ice melters and salt. Now, the ice melting chemicals in these products could be:

  • Potassium chloride
  • Magnesium chloride
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Calcium magnesium acetate

If your dog licks its paws after a wintry outdoor stroll, symptoms like nausea, vomiting or hyper-salivation will likely occur.

If you own a car, make sure you don't let antifreeze anywhere near your dog. It contains ethylene glycol which is toxic when ingested. You might switch to propylene glycol-based antifreeze instead.

Mind you, these chemicals are sweet and tasty for pets. So make sure you clean the paws and stomach areas right after coming back home, no matter what.

Grooming Tips for an Atlanta Dog Walker

Wintertime also means small adjustments need to be made to your pet's grooming routine:

  • Paws need to be examined much more often. Look for potential cracks, accumulated dirt or irritation. Foot balms for pets could be a good idea to prevent such issues.
  • Nails need to be trimmed more frequently due to your dog having more contact with smooth surfaces.
  • Don't shave their fur too often.
  • After bathing at home, your dog's fur must be completely dry.

Apart from these safety measures, it's obvious an Atlanta dog walker should pay extra attention to wintertime walks. If the weather allows it and the sun is shining, you can spend as much time as you wish.

Other than that, keep the dogs on a leash, as they might get lost more easily and you'll also avoid accidents on slippery roads this way.

You could also focus on special winter training. Obedience commands are necessary in situations like loose leash walking on dangerous roads. Recall commands that help with keeping them away from frozen water are also vital.

Not sure if you have time to master these commands? Consider hiring a professional dog walker.

No matter what, the comfort of your four-legged friend comes first for us. Our Buckhead pet walkers are here to assist whenever necessary - even in the cold times. 

Can't Walk My Dog: What Options Do I Have?

Can't Walk My Dog: What Options Do I Have?

walk my dog

When you get a dog, your level of commitment starts going through the roof. Everything goes smoothly, and your pet is happy.

However, personal or professional life will sometimes inevitably interfere with these happy times. And it's easy for self-blame to creep in and make you wonder: "Am I a bad pet owner when I can't walk my dog?"

The answer is "No". And it's not just a make-you-feel-better answer. Dog owners don't have to feel guilty for missing out on a few walks.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options you can rely on:

1.Engage Your Dog with a Food Puzzle

Sometimes, weather or other unexpected events can get in your way. So what? Puzzle toys are here to save the day.

Were you aware of the benefits of food puzzles? If not, it's high time you start looking into them.

Start off with easy versions to get your dog accustomed to this. Load the puzzle with goodies and orchestrate a food hunt around the house. It keeps both the muscles and the brain alert.

In case the dog doesn't find it interesting enough, try different treats than usual. Anything that's new, chewy, smelly will spark their interest.

The best part of this solution is that it fits all breeds and sizes. After all, it's based on their hunting heritage. If you're successful with it, consider replacing food bowls with puzzles altogether.

2. Can't Walk My Dog? My Home Is a Reliable Ally

walk my dog

Playing indoors is the classic go-to option. But you can add a twist to it and put your mind to the test. Try to:

  • Play hide-and-seek
  • Get your dog to run up and down the stairs
  • Teach your pup how to recognize his/her toys

3. The Ever-Useful Game of Fetch

"I can't walk my dog because of a medical condition" is something some people might say at some point.

When health keeps you away from physical activity, a short game of fetch might be the perfect replacement for a walk.

Fetch doesn't require a lot of movement on your part while it counts as a workout for your dog.

4. No Time at All? Then a Dog Walker Is Your Best Bet

At this point, however, you might argue "It all sounds great, but I really don't have time to walk my dog".

How many times did you postpone various appointments or activities because they overlapped with dog walking?

Out of fear they might be careless with their dog, people often neglect other issues needing to be solved.

In this case, all remaining to be done is to trust professionals and let them take care of your beloved pup in our hands.

We have dealt with numerous occasions where dog owners placed unnecessary pressure on themselves. That's why we recommend you get in touch with us to solve this issue. 

So, the next time you utter the words "I can't walk my dog", don't stress it. Just rely on your trusty dog walkers to attend to all of your pet's needs.

buckhead pet sitting services

Your Neighbour vs. Buckhead Pet Sitting Services

Your Neighbour vs. Buckhead Pet Sitting Services

buckhead pet sitting services

Whether they're away on vacation, business trips or just involved in unexpected situations that keep them away from home, pet lovers always have an extra source of worries.

Namely, their little, furry friends.

Hence, you have to evaluate your options. You either contact a close neighbor or rely on Buckhead pet sitting services instead.

It's imperative to have someone watch over your pet or pay them a visit from time to time. But that particular person can't just be anyone.

That is why we are coming to your aid with a handful of hints on how to decide between professional pet sitting services and your neighbor:

Think of Availability and Long-Term Commitment

Even if neighbors are sure they can fulfill the task, plans always change.

There are cases when they just forget about the deal or something more important comes up. If they are kids or teens, their schedules can fluctuate from day to day, so they are clearly not extremely reliable.

Whereas with the Buckhead pet sitting services, there's no doubt about our trustworthy servicesYour furry companions will get the attention they deserve.

buckhead pet sitting services

Neighbors may not be available for more than a few days. And if they are, they might get bored easily, even if they are caring people.

There's also a chance they might rush walking or visiting the pet as they don't fully comprehend how important full-on care-giving is.

Take the Care-Taking Skills of Buckhead Pet Sitting Services into Account

Of course, when you have a trustworthy neighbor who sincerely cares for your pet, it's a real blessing. But this is not a regular scenario.

Aside from their expertise and experience, pet sitters have more patience with animals. They understand the ins and outs of the whole pet care-taking situation.

You also need to consider the logistics part. In this respect, pet sitters have their own cleaning supplies and know how to react in emergency situations. 

Perhaps, contrary to what the majority claims, you had a great experience with one of your neighbors. You entrusted them with your pet in multiple occasions, and they nailed it.

After a while, however, it may become burdensome to you (and maybe for them, also) to ask too many times. Don't you want to avoid feeling you owe them too much?

Think in Perspective

No matter how careful your neighbor seems, you never know what could happen.

If you want to eliminate any doubt, stick with our Buckhead pet sitting services. We are legally responsible for offering safe services.

Getting into trouble and tarnishing the good reputation of our business is not something we want. Plus, we provide insurance in case unexpected any events do happen. 

Plus, professional pet sitters can always share their know-how with you. You have the occasion to get acquainted with the latest news in pet behavior or trusted vet recommendations.

Here, at Buckhead Paws, our pet sitters are more than ready to earn your trust. We’d welcome the opportunity to help you keep your pet, and your home safe.

Be sure to get in touch with us if you have any questions

Atlanta Dog Walker: How To Walk Your Dog Like A Pro

Not many people know how to master dog walking, or how to behave in this situation. This fact can apply to both new dog owners and people who have had a dog for quite a while.

There's always room for improvement when it comes to bonding with your pet.

A skilled Atlanta dog walker can give you the best tips so that you have the best relationship with your dog.

If your dog acts stubborn during his walk, or if he doesn't behave as he should, then this article is for you.

We compiled a few tips that will help you master the dog walk.

atlanta dog walker

Atlanta Dog Walker: How to Walk Your Dog Like a Pro

1. The dog leash is very important

Too many people use a leash too long for the purpose of pet walking. The leash has to be as short as possible because it will allow you to have more control over your pet during the walk.

By attaching the leash closely to the top of the neck, you will be able to guide and correct your pet more easily.

2. How you should walk  

If you take a close look around you, in the park or on the street, you will see many people who walk behind their dog.

This is a big no-no. Pet owners who do will never be seen as a pack leader by their dog.

When going on the regular walk, make sure you are the first one to leave the house and the first one to enter it. During the walk, your dog should be beside you or behind you and never in front of you.

3. Rewarding your dog during the walk

atlanta dog walker

If your dog is calm and has remained this way for a while, you can go ahead and reward him.

You can do so by letting him explore the area and sniff around. It's very important to keep in mind you are the one who needs to decide when reward time is over.

4. Being a pack leader even after you get home 

Most dog owners forget all about the control they've managed to achieve outside as soon as they enter the house.

Even though you are both probably excited to arrive home, you still need to demonstrate that you are a pack leader.

Your dog should remain calm until you take his leash or dog walking devices off.

5. Don't rush it

We know. You're tempted to spend only 10 to 15 minutes on your dog's morning walk. However, this is not such a good idea.

You should always take about 30 minutes or up to an hour to walk your dog. This way, you will make sure his needs are being met so that he will be happy.

Advice from the Best Atlanta Dog Walker

If dog walking is currently an issue for you, we do hope our tips will help you master it.

We love pets, and we love to make sure we comply with every need our clients may have. If you don't always have time for the daily walks, or you're simply away on vacation, we've got you covered.

Daily walks, pet sitting, feeding, grooming, or administration of medicine don't represent a problem for us.

Feel free to contact Mark at [email protected] for a consultation if you need an Atlanta dog walker.